Three Common Types of Lake and Pond Aeration Systems

Well-aerated water tends to be clearer and less apt to encourage excessive growth of algae and other problematic forms of life. While some lakes benefit from enough natural aeration to allow the achievement of these goals, many others do not.

Properly selected and installed lake aerators can be used where natural arrangements are lacking to improve water quality and enable all the associated benefits. With many different such products now on the market, there is a system suitable for any lake or pond.

Aerators Designed to Keep Lake Water Looking Great

Stagnant water quickly becomes unpleasant in most environments, as anyone who has stumbled across an older puddle outdoors will understand. When an entire lake suffers from stagnancy and a lack of aeration, it can become a source of frustration instead of an asset.

Installing an appropriately sized and design aeration system is normally all that it will take to improve the quality of lake water significantly. Some of the kinds of systems that are most often used to achieve this important goal include:

  • Rocker piston compressors. The most popular aeration systems rely upon compressors that allow them to put atmospheric air under pressure so it can be diffused throughout a body of water. Compressors based on rocker pistons tend to be both affordable and capable of pressurizing enough gas to aerate fairly large ponds and lakes. As a result, systems based around such compressors are some of the most popular of all.
  • Roller vane compressors. When even more aeration capacity is needed, stepping up to a system that includes a roller vane compressor will often be the best solution. Some such systems are able to aerate bodies of water as large as nine acres in extent, while remaining reliable for years.
  • Solar aerators. With smaller bodies of water, it will often be productive today to choose a solar-powered aeration setup. This low-maintenance approach to aeration is one that can be especially easy to live with.

The Leading Suppliers Have Many Products to Choose From

With these being only a few of the various types of aeration systems that are now available, locating a setup that will suit any lake well should never be a problem. That can easily end up being all that it takes to improve the quality of a lake’s water significantly.