Water Into Hydrogen Fuel For Cars and Trucks – A Myth?

Would you like to know if water Hydrogen fuel is a myth? Is it possible to actually do this? Yes! The whole process comes from a 100 year old proven technology call electrolysis.

Electrolysis is when you insert two pieces of metal into water then apply an electric charge. When applying the charge, The molecules are separated from H2O to HHO, which is water separated into its elements, thus becoming a very power fuel. This fuel is stronger than gasoline alone.

How much gas will I save? Customers that have purchased these water conversion generators, yes, these generators are available right now and have doubled there gas mileage or even more. So, yes, it’s well worth the purchase of the generator.

How does water effect your engine? There is some speculation that the water creates more friction in the engine. Well, this speculation is merely that, just speculation. The process actually steam cleans your engine of gunk and creates much cleaner emissions. So far, there have not been any proven damaging effects of using this system.

Can you use parts from the local hardware and plumbing store to achieve Hydrogen fuel for cars and trucks? Again, yes you can if you have the proper instructions. As far as how easy it is to convert your engine, people claim it is step by step instruction and some places even offer technical support when you buy there manual plus several free gifts for fuel economy and other processes you can learn for around the house. Seems to me that unless you like paying for gas when you could cut it in half. Especially for people that commute or own very large trucks, SUV’s, Deisel trucks and even RV’s.

When you convert and turn your vehicle or any engine into a water Hydrogen [http://1stopshoppingsource.com/waterfuel/waterfuel.html] fuel car or truck, you should expect at least a 75% increase in fuel economy. This is the biggest thing to happen in decades even after the creation of the hybrid. Anyone can have fuel on demand with the process of electrolysys. Having the opportunity to use the water Hydrogen fuel generation, is a gift. We all need a break from this economy and owe it to ourselves to save the environment and money.

How to Draw Cartoon Cars and Amaze Your Friends and Family

If you love to draw, need to draw something for someone, or are just plain bored and want to learn how to draw cartoon cars, well you have come to the right place.

Many people take drawing to be an incredibly difficult task, but in reality drawing is an awesome past time and when broken down into the right steps, can seem easy. Cartoon cars are incredibly easy and fun to draw, don’t let the final appearance of the car detour you.

Many people look at the end product of a drawing and immediately put up a red flag in their mind telling themselves that they will not be able to complete the task at hand. The humorous part about it all is the task at hand is not as big as you may imagine.

Every great artist starts out small and slowly escalates their skills to bigger and better things. For all you inquiring artists we are going to break down how you can draw a cartoon car and amaze your friends while doing so.

-Draw a big rectangle on your paper to start off with; this will be the main body of the car.

-Draw another small rectangle right on top of the bigger rectangle; make a diagonal line in the front to commemorate the windshield.

-Then its wheel time just two simple circles on the bottom of the first rectangle-Trace over your original picture with a darker marker, to give the car a more cartoon look-Next, draw the headlights of the car and the bumper. This does not need to be anything fancy, just a circle for the light and a half smiling face for the front bumper.

-Then you need car windows, just draw a vertical line through the smaller triangle on top.

-Draw a small square underneath the winder and of course a door and a handle, this is pretty simple!

-Then to make the car look like its moving draw a cloud of smoke coming from the back.

And, now you have just made an awesome looking cartoon car!

Cars and Football

Cars and football are often two of the things that interest men the most and over the past year or so it seems as though the two industries have joined forces as part of a clear marketing strategy.

You’ve got Manchester Utd and Audi, Kia and the 2010 World Cup and now Spanish car giant SEAT have coupled up with the Europa League (formerly known as the UEFA cup).

SEAT are using the European stage to boost their brand and their model line-up. Officials at SEAT have said that they believe their target audience are youthful and interested in ‘design’ which they relate to the flare often associated with European football.

Once again it’s the British clubs who are amongst the favourites to lift the trophy – Manchester City and Liverpool in particular. Other European clubs who are in with a chance include Spain’s Atletico Madrid, Portugal’s FC Porto and Russia’s CSKA Moscow.

The newly-branded Europa league is a big sporting attraction. Last year a total of 526 million people followed the 205 matches that were played throughout the competition and a further 4.4million people watched the games live in the stadiums. Therefore the SEAT models and branding is going to be seen by thousands upon thousands of people.

SEAT have already seen the impact from their sponsorship from last season as the banner displayed on the uefa.com website received more than 48 million hits alone.

SEAT are going to continue to sponsor the Europa Cup for three more seasons which will last until 2012 – so it looks like they are going to enjoy a lot more publicity yet!