Electric Car Conversions – How To Turn Your Gas Guzzler Into a Green Machine

Odds are, you probably own a gasoline or diesel powered vehicle. If you are considering making the switch to an electric car, there are some things you should consider before getting started.

Should I Buy a New Vehicle?

If you are in the market for an electric car, the easiest option is to simply go new car shopping. There are a few production electric cars out there right now. Be aware that while an electric car is more expensive up front, if it suits your commuting needs you can save a lot of money in the long run on fuel costs. Most production electric cars have more limited range than a gasoline vehicle, but as long as you don’t drive more than 50 miles on a daily basis, they will be just fine. Along with the electric car, you will usually receive a power station for your home, where you plug your car in to recharge overnight. Remember, power isn’t free, and has to come from somewhere. You can expect a rise in your electricity bill, but usually you are still saving money over a gasoline vehicle. And check the laws in the state you live in! California, for instance, offers some very nice incentives to owners of green alternative fuel vehicles. This includes electrically powered vehicles.

Converting Your Existing Vehicle

If you just don’t want to give up your gas guzzlers style or storage capacity, it is possible to convert your vehicle to run on electricity. Just be aware from the get go that this is an expensive project that is definitely not a do-it-yourself deal. Pretty much every active component of your vehicle will have to be replaced with versions designed for electric vehicles. But the costs will probably not be much more than purchasing an electric vehicle, and you may like the results much better.

Get in touch with some companies that specialize in alternative energy sources, such as solar power or fuel cells. Even if they can’t help you with your specific project, they can probably point you towards someone that can. The company that you finally settle on will have quite a few issues to discuss with you, such as the battery types, or whether to go pure electric, or hybrid. Electricity-generating fuel cells are another option, but can be expensive to maintain. There are many different ways to go when talking electric car conversions, and many need to be worked out with someone who knows what is what.

It’s All Worth It

But once you actually perform the conversion, you will be amazed at the difference. Electric vehicles are nearly silent, and you’ll never have to pump gas again. They have a very futuristic feel about them, with computerized systems and displays as finishing touches. And they produce no emissions whatsoever, so you are doing a major favor to the environment. Imagine how much less smog there would be in your city if everyone drove zero emission electric cars.