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Making Your Lawn More Appealing through Dethatching

The presence of a lawn that is well taken care of is enjoyed not only by the owner but even the people around the neighborhood. Many people love beautiful lawns. For many, they would rather care for their lawns alone that hire service providers. However for the best results, you need an expert to help you with your lawn care.

Learning on how to best maintain one needs you to be knowledgeable about different terms such as dethatching. For the most attractive lawn, professionals say that dethatching is one of the essential tasks you need to carry out. The dead and live remains of roots, steps, leaves and even grass clippings that reside around the roots of green grass forms a layer know as thatch. Lack of routine mowing of the lawn can make the thatch layer develop so quickly. The decomposing of theses dead materials is what results into a thatch.

However when the grass throws off the roots, thatch may form naturally. In some cases, thatch becomes of great benefit when it comes to keeping the roots protected. However, a large layer of it prevents moisture, nutrients and even air from reaching the soil. When there is a lot of thatch in the lawn, it will looses much water and turn brown during the hot days.

It is easier to tell when the thatch has become very thick. This can be achieved by simply taking a look but it should not exceed one inch. If you notice that It has become too thick, the best pan is to start dethatching your loan. After this, you will only have to dethatch again after two or three years if you regularly take care of your lawn.

For a small lawn, a thatching rake would just be enough. The rake will slice into the lawn and bring out all the dead plants. It is recommended to only rake n one direction so that the grass roots are not destroyed. Thereafter, you can remove the dead materials brought onto the surface using a leaf rake. Decomposed thatch can make a prefect compost for the lawn.

If you own a bigger lawn, you can use power rake or a vertical mower. If you don’t have one, you can rent from a well known store. The machines have blades that spin to pull the thatch layer to the surface. If you need to dethatch your lawn, the best time to do it is during summer or early spring. Dethatching your lawn is one routine management task that will ensure that your lawn maintains that attractive look enjoyed by everyone.

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